IMG_3302We are very aware of the HIPPA privacy laws are and committed to remain in compliance with these regulations. A copy of our policy is available at the front desk or can be emailed to you upon request.

We are very interested in providing the best medical home for you and your family. The more data we have, the better we are able to provide optimal care. If you need to have your old medical records transferred to our office, please obtain the appropriate form from our office.

If you belong to an HMO and your primary care physician is not one of our doctors, please call your HMO and make the appropriate change prior to your visit.

All of our records are kept electronically. We are very close to be allowing patients to view significant portions of the record via a secure website. Our outgoing transfer of records is state of the art and allows a continuity of care file transfer with those EMR (electronic medical record) systems capable of incorporating such records. All records are faxed within 3 business days of the receipt of a properly-authorized Release of Records.

Our state-of-the-art EMR, Practice Partner, has allowed us to recognize some very important trends which is improving your health care. For example, we recently recognized that our diabetics are not getting a blood test called the Hemoglobin A1c as often as our standards mandate. The reason is that we were only bringing back our diabetic patients in a timely fashion 40% of the time. We have created an initiative to improve this and our results are getting dramatically better. We were quickly able to search our database when a drug was recently suspended from the US market and inform our patients. We can, with one click of the mouse, identify all eligible women who have not had a Pap or mammogram according to national standards.

We truly do practice “Modern Medicine—Old-fashioned Care.

If you would like to transfer your records from your old practice to us please fill out this form and bring it in for us.

Release to transfer in records from another office

If you are transferring care to another office, we will miss you and are sorry to hear you are leaving.  To make it easy, fill out this record release and we will send your records to your new office.

Release to send out records


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