primecare_refillsPlease allow at least 24 hours for a medication refill. It is best to call during regular office hours during the week to guarantee the quickest turn-around time. Please call before you are completely out of your medication. When leaving a message regarding your refill, please include all pertinent information regarding the medication. This is to include the name of the medication, dose, how often it is taken, and the pharmacy number.

Our commitment to you is that you will be given enough medication at each office visit that you will not run out before your next appointment. If you are out of medication that is ongoing, it is time for an office visit. Please do not call for a refill when an office visit is what is needed. You will be charged a refill fee for emergency refills for medications whose request comes outside of an office visit.

Diabetics and hypertensive patients need to come at least four times yearly. People with high cholesterol need semiannual visits. Other chronic conditions are more individual in their recall protocols.

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