If you are interested in quality healthcare, perhaps working with the most advanced medical office in the region will be just the challenge you are seeking. At a hotel in Boston, posted in big letters, reads the sign:

“We no longer teach our employees to be nice.”

In very small print beneath reads the caption:

“We simply hired the absolutely nicest, smartest people we could find.”

How insightful! We could not agree more.

We are always interested in partnering with other delightful, dedicated, highly-motivated, like-minded individuals, whether it be for our professional staff, front office, or clinical assistants. The individuals we are seeking are probably all currently working and would not be put off by the simple fact that we might be currently fully staffed! We are an academically strong office with students regularly present. We are participating in on-going medical research and outreach to the community through our grant from the Michigan Osteopathic Association.

Our front office staff handles a very high-tech, demanding job. Successful applicants are high-school graduates with at least some college and have had experience in customer service, answering multi-line phones, medical billing, and are highly computer literate. The job will involve running a computerized phone system, accessing an electronic medical record, scanning, accepting payments and posting charges, verifying insurances, scheduling, & being able to do all of that with a smile!

Our Medical Assistants have also had a prior background in this field and are certified. They also need to be very computer literate and have experience in all aspects of venipuncture, injections, surgical assisting, quality control, plain radiology, and all of the office procedures we perform. You will be involved in patient education here … and you will learn a lot!

We are very picky about the physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners we would consider bringing on as a colleague. Our paramount concern is the dedication the physician demonstrates for the safety and well-being of his/her patients. We agree with the statement that “Patients care little for what you know until they know how much you care.” But clearly we have built a reputation for being excellent diagnosticians, who are available, who relish the opportunity to be a pit bull (with or without lipstick) on behalf of our patients. Our clinical results are excellent. Our evidence-based practice clearly has only 20% of the predicated heart attacks and 5% of the mortality that is actuarially predicted. That’s quality.

We are not real popular with some of the HMO’s because we will use the best medications possible for patients, not just what saves the insurance plan money. But we hospitalize only 2/3rds of the predicted number of patients. And when we do admit to the hospital, our professional staff does the rounding on the inpatients, not a disinterested hospitalist.

These positions are not for most potential affiliates. But if you think you are interested in joining forces with us, we’d love you to fill in the attached registration form and forward an attached CV.

We offer a highly competitive salary and benefit package in a warm, congenial workplace environment where the efforts of all members of the team are mutually respected and appreciated. A lot of people talk about “quality health care.” At PrimeCare of Novi, you’ll be a part of modern office that can truly define what that looks like, measure it, and is delivering the future of medicine today.

It goes without saying that all inquires will be held in the strictest of confidence.

You may email your CV with a cover letter by following the link on the Contact us page or, if you want us to contact you click here.

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