Let’s face it. The world is full of choices because resources are scarce. Sure, if we had unlimited money and personnel we could provide our patients with a healthcare experience like no other.

Since we do not have access to these precious resources, we make extensive use of  technology to help us focus them where they can do the most good.

In our office you will see that we make extensive use of computers to monitor outcomes and checklists to provide standing orders so that you, the patient, received the right tests at the correct time.

But technology is not what sets us apart. At PrimeCare of Novi every member of the staff is extremely qualified and trained to do their jobs. It is the care each member exhibits and thoughtful attention to detail that makes what we do almost magical. No amount of salary would make our staff go the extra mile for you which they do each and every day. We no longer train our employees to be caring.  We have hired into our culture the most caring people we could find.

Come experience what quality in health care looks like. You and your family are truly welcome.