There are many similarities to football that apply to the way we care for patients at PrimeCare of Novi.

We are well-prepared.  We have a game plan for each visit. In addition to the year of training for each member of the staff that goes into providing the seamless care our patients experience, there are extensive preparations to take place in the days before each visit that go on behind the scenes.

We huddle.  The physicians, medical assistants, and front desk staff spend a few minutes each day preparing for and anticipating the needs of the patients scheduled to be seen.

footballWe perform.  Each member of the staff, just like each member of a team, are united in the common goal of providing uncommon care for our patients. Each member has a role to play and each role has the potential to make or break the patient experience so we take it seriously.

We adapt. Just as professional teams must adapt to changes during a game, we are masters at adaptation when it comes to staying current and responsive to the changing health care field.

We love what we do. We simply don’t believe excellent work can be done by those not fully invested in the task.  We stand behind our work and believe we are doing our absolute best on your behalf.

We are team players.  We readily coordinate the care we provide with your other specialists.  We form “care teams” around each patient according to their needs which allows us to readily send the notes from our visits and copies of tests we have ordered to the appropriate physician specialists involved in your case.  We coordinate that care and work hard to ensure that those who need to know information about your case have that data at the time it is needed.

Together, we all win.