Transformation to the physical of the future


Convenience, personalized attention, and world-renowned medical expertise await you as a member of our Concierge Medicine program.


Welcome to a new level of health care where you’re not just another appointment on the calendar. Our Concierge Primary Care Services are all about you—your health, your needs, your convenience. Imagine having a health care partner who truly gets what you’re looking for in medical care.

Someone who combines the personal touch of concierge service with the thoroughness of primary care, all to make sure you feel your best.

We’re here to make health care straightforward, accessible, and all about you.

Imagine if your physician has time every day to read about the latest and greatest innovations in medicine and could share that information with you.  PrimeCare Plus gives you the confidence you need that you are getting the best care possible.


In today’s busy world, maintaining optimal health isn’t always easy, but as a member of our Concierge Medicine program, it can be. These are just a few of the PLUS benefits you’ll enjoy:

Priority Scheduling

Same-day and next-day appointment options are available to our members, as well as assistance coordinating with specialists and other providers.

24/7 Physician Access

Consult with your doctor via phone or email any time, from anywhere.

Plus Office Visits

As a member of this concierge-level program, you’ll be able to undergo a complete and thorough examination in one convenient visit.


Relaxed Visits

Take the stress out of your visit. Discuss your needs and goals with your Concierge Medicine physician without feeling rushed. Enjoy adjacent complimentary parking and an assortment of snacks and beverages in the office.

Convenient Testing

Take care of lab and imaging tests during your visit at our on-site facilities.

Multi-cancer Detection

With a single blood test, the Galleri® test screens for a cancer signal shared by more than 50 types of cancer and predicts the organ or tissue type associated with the cancer signal increasing the chance of finding cancer early.

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Compare standard medicine with PrimeCare Plus


Standard Medicine PrimeCare Plus
Exceptional Preventative Care Exceptional Preventative Care
Enhanced EMR with tracking of health maintenance Enhanced EMR with tracking of health maintenance
Access to Urgent Care Priority Scheduling for Urgent Care
Access to Travel Medicine Travel Medicine Consults included
Access to SPA 10% off spa services and one free facial every year
Access to on-call doctor Access to your doctor 24/7
Care by Hospitalist Hospital advocacy and coordination if you are ever hospitalized.


May include:

Hospital Social Visits

Daily communication with hospital team.

Coordination of care

Dietitian available Custom diet plans available upon request and meeting with nutrition consultant
Great community of specialists Expedited specialist visits when warranted
Care coordination Coordination of care throughout 52 states
Aviation exams available Aviation exams included if needed
  Discounts on multi cancer detection tests and whole body MRI
  Your provider will limit their panel in order to provide more time with you in a non-rushed visit.
  More time for your provider to stay on top of new advances in medicine.
  Newsletter about advances in medicine
  Presentation of your health available
  Unlimited same day visits and access to your doctor unless scheduled vacation
  Personal cell phone of provider given to patients
  Children under 26 are exempt from fees if one parent has a subscription
  Parents above 80 are exempt if one child has a subscription
  Invite to any community event sponsored by your provider (i.e. walks in park, tours of grocery stores, etc…)
  Home Visits when warranted
  On demand virtual visits

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Having an intelligent physician who knows you so well they can anticipate your medical needs and proactively research solutions before complications arise is priceless.

For conditions unknown or yet to be found, you will be comforted in knowing your physician is always at the front of your care and has the connections, resources and plans mapped out for any situation that may arise. As 1 of only a handful of families seen by your  physician, you can always rely on your doctor’s time, dedication and proactive care.

In addition, your provider has the time to stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations in medicine.

Meet your Medical Team

Dr. Robert R. Zaid

Dr. Robert Zaid

Dr. Theodore W. Shively

Dr. Theodore Shively
  • Virtually unlimited availability to your PrimeCare Plus physician via phone, e-mail, and AthenaOne (a secure web portal to your electronic health record).
  • Same-day or next-day appointments.

  • Extended visits that allow ample time to address your concerns.

  • A full spectrum of primary care physician services, including:

  • Preventive care, including an annual physical exam to develop a diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan to keep you as healthy as possible

  • Urgent care for colds, flu, common illnesses, and minor injuries

  • Management of ongoing health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, among others

  • Minor in-office procedures, such as Pap smears, skin biopsies and laceration repair

  • Commonly prescribed vaccines

  • Assistance with specialized care, should you ever need it, including advice and advocacy to help you find the best specialists, as well as complete oversight of your care, ensuring you always have an expert helping you decide on the treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

    • Hospital care coordination

      If you need hospital care, your PrimeCare Plus physician will arrange for your admission to Ascension Hospital, Henry Ford or U of M, typically through an Emergency Department evaluation, and coordinate with your hospitalist (a hospital-based physician who attends to hospitalized patients). We will help you understand your tests or procedures, medications, and treatment options, and provide updates to your family, if you wish. We will also contact your hospitalist upon discharge, to help arrange follow-up care.