Simply put:  We care for you and it shows in how we’ll fight for you to get the care you need.  Patients of PrimeCare know what it means to have same-day appointments, their physician alongside when hospitalized, and have secure online access to their doctor for questions or to review results. If your insurance requires authorizations, we attend to them like you were part of our family.

bearThe best physician is of no value if the patient can’t get their calls returned in a timely fashion. We are not only knowledgeable, we are available, and most importantly, we listen. We believe that relationships matter. We can be like a mama bear with her cub when it comes to getting our patients what they need.

Contact us by phone or use our secure online portal for questions, immediate world-wide access to test results, review medications and request refills or request an appointment.

Being like a bear can be a good thing or a bad thing.  We think you’ll like how we protect you.

We extend to you our warmest greetings.  Welcome to PrimeCare of Novi!