kayakThink of your life like a kayaker paddling down a stream.  It’s a one-person boat. Think of us at PrimeCare like the kayak coach. We have a lot of experience with the health care stream of life. Sometimes it can get pretty scary.

While we can’t paddle for you – only you can do that, we must sit the shore under our big umbrella and coach you through the different stages of the stream.  We have a lot of perspective that only experience can provide and which we will willingly share with you.  We know where the rapids, underwater rocks, and alligators are lurking.

And we understand that there are times when, despite our admonitions, you will not have all of the tests, treatments and interventions we believe are important. Unless we believe you are about to wreck your boat, we see our role as a guide, a coach and a valued advisor that you have allowed into your life.

We’ll be alongside coaching. And if the boat should capsize, we’ve found many backs help lighten the load and we’ll help portage you to the next part of your life’s journey.