Please visit our website for Our Novi Urgent Care.

At PrimeCare of Novi we take your health very, very seriously. Sure, we have been known to do so with a sense of humor, where possible.  But our team can really make the health care system work for you when time is of the essence. Messages for all  office departments can be left at all times


To that extent, our family physicians are available for emergencies at all times. After hours, please call the normal office phone number, 248-426-7200, and follow the prompts.



We have an Urgent Care connected to our practice that can take care of many problems when our office is not open.  We can handle most everything that does not require a hospital.  If you would like to call our Urgent Care you can call 248 426 9680 or visit our Urgent Care Website.


Our use of state-of-the-art technology means you will be speaking to one of our family physicians by pushing one button after your call is connected. You will be immediately connected to the cell/pager of our physician on call. We do not employ an answering service which only will delay your care.

If you have a routine problem, such as a medication refill or need to schedule an appointment, please leave a message, which you can do at any time of the day, and we will get back with you during the next business day.

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