Dr. Zaid and Dr. Shively are certified to take care of pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration.  If you need a Class II or Class III medical certificate to fly a plane, please contact our office to meet one of our Novi Aviation Medical Examiners..

We charge a standard fee for a basic exam and may charge more if direct communication with the FAA is necessary.  In addition, depending on your health status, there may be additional workup that is mandated by FAA protocols.

We prefer that you use the FAA’s electronic submission system called MedExpress for your medical history.

Before your exam:

  • Fill out your history using MedExpress
  • Let us know if you have any previous special issuances or SODA’s on file.
  • Bring with you a photo ID

We are more than happy to help you speed up processing of your file and if it needs to be reviewed with the FAA we will call them directly. The more prepared you are for the visit, the faster we can accomplish this for you.

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